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Junior Resource Links

Sailing Basics

Mr. Childers' Boat House- episode 1

Mr Childers' Boat House- episode 2

Mr. Childers' Boat House- episode 3

Mr. Childers' Boat House- episode 4

Mr. Childers' Boat House- episode 5

How to Rig an Open Skiff


Animated Knots


Figure Eight

Square Knot

Cleat Hitch

Round Turn and Two Half Hitches

Buntline Hitch

Best Way to Tie a Halyard

Sail Repair & Maintenance

Choosing Running Rigging

Prepping Your Lines for Racing


Faster Leeward Mark Exit

Unlocking The Mysteries Of Sail Controls

Striking A Balanced Helm

Shift Into Your Point Gear

How To Point, Foot and Shift Gears

Into The Passing Lane

Fast Mark Roundings

Heel For Speed

The Truth of Kinetics

Consistency Is Made Before the Start

Gear Shifting For Waves

The 10 Commandments Of Boatspeed

Speed Off The Line

How to Improve Compliance

Better Communication Equals Boat Speed

Talk It Over After The Regatta

Helm, Trim & Heel

Roll Tacking

Be A Good Sport

Racing Basics

Telling Tales

Sailing by Telltales

Big Lines, Little Lines

The Power of Positive Rudder Angle

Faster Penalty Turns

Gear Shifting For Waves

Faster Leeward-Mark Exit

When the Line Bias & Course Favor Disagree

Recovering from an Over Early

Around the Racecourse

Boatspeed: Jib & Flow

Keep it Real, Keep it Simple

We've all Been There

Improving Your Jib Trim

Mastering Blow-Through Jibes

Top 10 Tips For Your Bag of Tricks

When Slower Is Faster

Sail The Longer Tack First

Cross ‘em When You Can

Use A Blocker

Get A Safe Line Sight

Hang Back At The Start

Tacking At The Finish

Oscillating Or Persistent?

Tack At The Median

In Light Air, Go For Pressure

When to Split Tacks

The Essential Leebow

Pinch Through The Hull

Strategy: Good Data Starts With Good Calibration

Managing Traffic

Recover from a Bad Start

Starting Line Head Games

Crosses to Bear

A Better Way to Round the Leeward Mark

The Leeward-Mark Tack

Focus on Success

How Are We Doing

Racing Rules: Overlaps

Battle From the Middle

Exceptions to the Golden Rule

New Year, New Rules

When Mark Room Ends

Managing the Fleet

5 Quick Tips for Keeping Out of Protests

Preventing DSQs

Optimizing Wind Flow Across Your Asymmetrical


Fitting Pieces Into The Puzzle

College Sailing

College Sailing 101


Three Inches

Pushups Rule

Sports Medicine

Sailors Are Athletes Too

Fitness For Sailors


Set Goals, Keep Learning, Have Fun

Psychological Advice For Racing Sailors

Sports Psychology For The Racing Sailor

Developing Youth Sailors: What parents Can do to Build a Stronger Foundation

Knowing Your Destination: Setting the Right Goals


Sailcare Checklist

The Ultimate PWC Repellent

Juniors - I need to credit the Lahaina Yacht Club for Many of the links on this page. Their coaches did a lot of work to pull this together.