High School Sailing

High School Sailing Resource Links

The CSRA is in the SAISA (South Atlantic Interscholastic Sailing Association) North Region for high school sailing.

ISSA is the Interscholastic Sailing Association

Visit the SAISA website for more info on HS sailing.

HS Sailing Presentation

Local Teams

Aquinas High School

SAISA North Standings

ISSA Procedural Rules 2021-2024


Rigging - UGA


Upwind Sailing


Unlocking The Mysteries Of Sail Controls

Speed Off The Line

Sailing by Telltales

How Are We Doing

Racing Rules: Overlaps

5 Quick Tips for Keeping Out of Protests


Three Inches

Pushups Rule

Sports Medicine

Sailors Are Athletes Too

Fitness For Sailors

High school sailing is governed by the issa